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No matter what your family is doing, the holiday season will always bring changes to our routines. School schedules will change, along with environments and the people. Check out some helpful tips for addressing changes.

Happy Holidays!

Clinical Reminder: Current clients may be asked to re-sign DT policy forms at the start of the upcoming year. 

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Where's My Routine? 

The environment, people, activities, and even expectations change with the holiday season. Here are some helpful antecedents.  

  • Visuals: Visuals of expectations and schedules (such as a calendar or daily routines) are helpful for novel events or changes.

  • Caregiver Prep: Communicate with caregivers in advance to ensure everyone is following the same expectations with environment and behaviors.

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Sensory Overload

Sensory overload is an unofficial term used to describe the feeling someone may have when they are feeling overwhelmed due to internal or external stimuli. This "overload" will look very different for every client. See some possible causes of overload:

  • Sugar & Sweets: Try to ensure the environment is manipulated to allow restricted consumption of sugar. If unfamiliar individuals may be present, ensure they are aware of expectations. 

  • So Many People: We are always excited to see old friends and family members during the holidays, however this can be overwhelming. Incorporate downtime or calming techniques.

Clinical Reminder: Current clients are encouraged to express any upcoming changes to their clinical team and also provide input on any above materials that you feel may be beneficial. You should always reach out to your ABA provider prior to implementing strategies because every treatment program is unique.

Outreach at the Beach

Time & Date:TBD:  

Location: South Pointe Park 

Meet us at the beach for sun, social groups, and sand!  Outreach at the beach is an opportunity to practice play skills in a fun, engaging, and socially safe way.  Kiddos will be lead by our BCaBA and RBTs, and parents are welcome to socialize from a safe distance.

Social Groups:

Ages 2-3:  "Circle Sandtime" 11-11:15.  

Ages: 4-7 "Sand Castle Construction, Simon Says Visit the Beach, and Wave Jumper"  12-1230

Email: for additional information.

Beach Fun
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