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The  DT Connection

The DT Connection allows families to access our database of client resources. This may also include access to a short term solution while DT assists with connecting you to a qualified health provider. 

Finding appropriate services can be time consuming for families and finding a company that puts your needs first can be even more of a challenge. If a client requires substantially high levels of support that may involve specialists, extreme environment manipulations, or other high level supports, DT may not have the resources to provide the appropriate treatment plan.  During the intake process, if it is determined DT is not able to support the client and caregiver the following stipulations will be applied: 

  • Hybrid: DT may recommend a treatment plan containing DT services and include a referral of other behavioral services.  Every Hybrid situation is different, we recommend all clients complete the intake process to see if they are eligible for Hybrid.

  • Refer Out: DT will recommend the client can access a more effective treatment plan elsewhere. 

You will be scheduled for weekly meetings with our Community Outreach Advocate, where you will work together to find a service provider that is a good fit for you.

We believe in providing clients with the best resources for successful and effective treatment. This requires being aware of every client's unique strengths and limitations.  Our small model allows us to provide top quality services to a select group.

But what about the clients who need a little more help?

Or those who need intervention from a specialist?

What if I can not afford private pay rates?

What if the client needs  more than what is being offered?

For situations like these, we utilize: 


For Professionals

DT Partnership

Working together is what makes dreams come true. We want to be able to connect dedicated individuals to top quality services, but we can not do it alone. If your organization or profession  is interested in becoming a DT Partner, click here:

Our company would not be possible if not for the dedicated individuals who believed in supporting our unique model. Because of their contributions, we are able to support a significant amount of children, caregivers, families, and professional. 

DT Partnership

For Individuals

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