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What Makes Us Different  is 

 What    Makes     Us   Work. 

Dream Team Behavioral Services, LLC utilizes a unique approach compared to traditional ABA therapy. Our small company model allows our ABA providers to give high levels of support to the most important people on the team: the caregivers! Because our administrative staff have experience providing ABA services, they are able to take caregiver and staff perspectives to create an operations system which focus on the client and staff's best interest, not on company expansion.


3. If it's not working...Change it !

2. Respect. Respect yourself, the client, and the company. 

1. Provide ethical treatment across all areas.

What's so different?

We utilize a unique structure that applies a bottom up style management approach. We believe everyone should we be aware of the team's progress and goals. Every member plays an equal role in treatment success.


What is ABA? 

What's an RBT?
Certified by the what?
What does supervision look like?
Get answers and information about the BACB.

Meet the Dream Team

DT structure.png

See exactly how each DT team member plays a critical role in treatment success.  Our staff receive on-going supervision and feedback at multiple levels to promote treatment fidelity.

Core Values 

We use our core values to ensure we are providing top quality behavioral services to a select group of highly dedicated individuals.

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