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Team work

Our Story

After 5 years in the field of ABA, by chance our founders began to work with clients who had high levels of caregiver involvement with support from the supervisor and therapist level. We watched these individuals overcome challenging behaviors and decrease their skill deficits in ways that exceeded any previous ABA experiences. We realized two important aspects:

  • To be able to create top quality effective treatment, caregivers must be involved with the treatment plan at a high level.

  • The typical ABA supervisor is not given the resources necessary to support caregivers. This needs to be addressed with a full team effort.

We created a new type of company  structure that allows every member of the client's team to receive clinical support.

We believe every person should receive training and knowledge in the field of ABA to create life-long skills that they will carry over and apply to other areas.

 "It takes a team to achieve the dream."

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