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We provide behavioral services utilizing ABA in the home, school, or community setting. Our programs place a high focus on individualized treatment planning and prioritizing caregiver involvement. We also offer services to professionals who are looking to expand their ABA knowledge.


ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis.

Applied Behavior Analysis is the process of applying principals from behavioral sciences to create social and significant outcomes. ABA Therapy is primarily used for decreasing challenging behaviors and increasing skills that allow an individual to live an independent and functional life.


ABA Tutoring & Shadow Services

Utilizing ABA in an academic format.

We offer services specific to decreasing academic deficits or addressing problem behaviors occurring in the school setting.   These services can be accessed across a variety of formats and settings.


Social Groups

Utilizing ABA in social formats.

Social groups provide an opportunity for clients to practice age appropriate social interactions in a controlled environment under the guidance of an ABA provider. For individuals who are not able to access a social group, checkout our DT's Pair-MeWithA-Peer.

Caregiver Training

Training caregivers in ABA techniques.

Caregiver training is a critical part of ABA and allows caregivers to learn a variety of ABA techniques specific to what the caregiver is expereincing. 


ABA Workshops

Training in ABA practices.

Our ABA Workshops are offered to groups or individuals who want a hands-on customized experience to utilize ABA techniques across their business or everyday lives.

RBT Training & Support

We offer support for current RBTs (Registered Behavior Technicians) and those interested in obtaining thier RBT.  We can help from preparing for your exam to passing.

Registered Behavior Technician

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