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Applying ABA Outside of Therapy.

The aim of our ABA Workshops is to disseminate ABA knowledge and help individuals incorporate ABA training into their daily routines. These workshops are valuable for various professionals such as first responders, speech clinics, occupational therapists, teachers, caregiver groups, and anyone keen on acquiring behavioral skills training. Our workshops are personalized to concentrate on teaching skills that individuals can readily apply in real-life situations.

Our Packages

Moon Package

Our moon package is ideal for anyone feeling “a little lost in space” when it comes to, ABA, ABC, and everything in between. This is primarily for any person or company who is new to the field of ABA or has little experience or knowledge with individuals with behavioral disorders. The Moon package can be a great resource for non-clinical staff (such as receptionists or administrative members) who are looking to gain a better understanding of their clients and also be exposed to techniques that may help individuals with behavioral disorders. This package will cover the listed topics and also provide each employee with supplemental learning materials and resources.

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Blue Star Package

The Blue Star package is an intermediate course designed to build on the foundational knowledge of ABA .  Through role play, interactive presentations, and in class quizzes, the Blue Star program  will ensure participants are feeling confident in managing behaviors. The Blue Star plan provides participants with direct tips and techniques on behavior modification.  Participants also receive customized visual aids, specific to their field of work.  


Gold Star Package

Gold Star is for our seriously committed partners. This package is ideal for anyone who has graduated from our Blue Star program or any company that is looking to make serious long-lasting changes. This package focuses on using ABA techniques including progress charts and data collection methods within your own company to improve staff behaviors. Gold Star also allows DT to follow up with ongoing feedback.

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Additional features can be added to any of the above packages!

  • 4 Functions of Behavior Visual

  • Company Procedures Visual

  •  Sensory Activities Visual

  •  Working with Nonverbal Clients Visual

  • Company Goal Visual

  • In-Depth Topic Talk 

Add Ons


First Responders & Non-Profit Organizations are eligible for workshop discounts. Workshops are available virtually and are not under the restriction of direct service locations.

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