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Social Skills Services

Strong social skills are the groundwork for forming life changing and long lasting relationships. While social skills and rules are taught within a treatment plan, they may not always generalize to the natural setting. Social groups are also subject to the following restrictions

  • The client is not in a location that allows them to access peers of similar age and skill level. 

  • The client has the opportunities to 

engage with peers of similar skill level and age, but does not have the support of an ABA provider. 

  • The client has the opportunities to  engage with peers of similar age, but not of similar skill level. 

To combat these restrictions, we offer the following services:


Community Social Groups

Community social groups are by invite only and typically offered to our current clients. Invite is primarily based on location and whether the individual is at the same skill level and age of peers. During social group, the client will learn how to interact with peers their own age, obtain skills required for conflict and compromise, solving social problems, and learn skills necessary for group or classroom performance in a fun and interactive way with our Community Outreach Advocate. We use these opportunities to promote awareness within the community and raise funds for client materials. If you are interested in donating or volunteering at our events click below.



DT has recognized social groups can be difficult to organize due to differences in clients, skill levels, locations, and availabilities. That why we created Pair-MeWithA-Peer. Our free networking tool was designed to help caregivers and clients create support systems and social relationships. Our encrypted database allows any parent to enter their child's basic information which will allow DT to connect them to an individual of similar age and skill levels. Once an individual has been matched, parents will receive an invite to a Tele-Date with their peer.  Parents will have the option to share contact information with the matched peer after the Tele-Date. For more information, please click below

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