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Social Skills Services

What Are Social Skills? 
Unlock the power of social skills with our dynamic social skills groups! Social skills are the cornerstone of thriving in any environment, and our tailored approach ensures individuals achieve their unique goals and preferences. We believe in empowerment, not conformity, guiding participants to excel in their chosen settings. Through the proven effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Behavioral Skills Training (BST), our groups provide a comprehensive learning experience. From conversation and sharing to interpreting facial expressions, we cover it all. Join us and experience the transformational journey of skill acquisition in a supportive, structured environment, where independence and inclusion thrive in classrooms and communities alike!

Social Skills Benefits

In a social group, individuals learn a variety of skills essential for successful social interactions and relationships.

Group Discussion

Communication Skills

 Participants learn how to initiate and maintain conversations, express themselves clearly, listen actively, and interpret verbal and non-verbal cues.

Kids with Capes

Friendship Skills

Participants learn how to make friends, develop and maintain friendships, and navigate the complexities of social relationships.

Kids Playing

Social Interaction Skills

This includes skills such as taking turns, sharing, cooperating, resolving conflicts, and understanding personal boundaries.

Cute Girl

Problem-Solving Skills

Social groups often teach problem-solving techniques and strategies for handling challenging social situations or conflicts.


Emotional Regulation

Individuals learn how to recognize and manage their own emotions, as well as empathize with others' feelings.


Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy

Individuals learn to identify their own strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, as well as how to assert their needs and advocate for themselves in social settings.

Community Social Group

Community social groups are by invite only and typically offered to our current clients. Invite is primarily based on location and whether the individual is at the same skill level and age of peers. During social group, the client will learn how to interact with peers their own age, obtain skills required for conflict and compromise, solving social problems, and learn skills necessary for group or classroom performance in a fun and interactive way with our Community Outreach Advocate. We use these opportunities to promote awareness within the community and raise funds for client materials. If you are interested in donating or volunteering at our events click below.

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