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Covid-19 Response

 Dream Team Behavioral Services , LLC complies with and expects our clients and caregivers to comply with the following guidelines as recommended by the CDC. Clients or families who refuse to engage in the following recommendations may not be eligible for direct services. 

What we're doing:

We hold our staff to the highest standard to maintain client, caregiver, and staff health and safety at all times.  In addition to following the "DT Covid Response' Employees are also required to:


  • Clients and caregivers have the right to refuse services for up to 7 days with no penalty, from the date of the initial negative result. 

Other ways we are responding to Covid:

  • Minimize staff contact by using Teleservices when applicable. 

  • Providing our clients with resources and tools to help them gain a full understanding of Covid.. 

  • Providing our caregivers with resources regarding educational rights during Covid

  • Providing resources on other factors such as socialization and play during Covid.

What our Clients and Caregivers are doing:
  • I wash my hands upon entering and exiting locations. 

  • I wear a mask when required and recommended in public or personal locations. 

  • I avoid touching my face when in public and de-sanitize as necessary.

  • I agree to follow social distancing guidelines. 

  • I ensure my household members are following the above procedures. 

  • I agree to contact DT management if I notice DT staff not following the above procedures.

  • I am aware my ABA provider may cancel sessions due to Covid-19 related reasons. I acknowledge there is no penalty to my provider or to myself.

  • I acknowledge due to the nature of ABA, my provider will likely need to remove their mask during the session. 

New Members:

 New members will also be asked to attest to the following guidelines: 

Resources During Covid:

Click to access to resources during Covid. 

**This will direct you away from the DT website.**

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