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Stay up to date about our latest company promotions and changes, get tips on caregiver resources, and see what we're working on next with our Recent News. Building our connection means building our team. Be sure to share what we do so we may continue to help others.  


Park in the Fall

Happy Fall

What are you doing this fall? Click a leaf and follow a link to a new activity!

Looking for Community Service?


Want to make a difference with children with special needs?

Looking for Covid friendly ways to complete hours?

Interested in learning more about ABA?

Have fun, meet new people, and provide support to those who need it! We always appreciate help in the following areas:

  • Assistance with organizing social events and activities for clients. 

  • Creating opportunities for practicing social skills.

  • Creating materials to assist clients (adaptive visuals, craft kits).

  • Providing social or emotional support in camp or extra curricular settings.

Pebble Stone Beach



Our favorite time of year has ended! Our team uses summer break to add therapy hours which help our clients and caregivers learn new skills and make big progress! This year our goal is to master:


As of August 29th, our kiddos have mastered 




Thank you to our amazing and dedicated staff for making this goal happen!


It more than a like.

It more than a share.

It's an action to spread awareness, knowledge, and support to individuals who need it. 

It takes a team. 

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